Balancing the intense demands of nursing school while caring for your family is an effort worthy of applause, as well as an incredible challenge. Between work, class, studying, and your family, there’s little time to waste. But with some thoughtful strategies, support from your network, and a bit of grace for yourself, you can rise to meet your responsibilities in both realms.

Read on for five actionable tips to seamlessly merge the two highest priorities in your life at the moment – your loved ones, and your education.

Make Time for Yourself

Finding time for yourself while juggling nursing school and family life can feel a wild goose chase, and in times of stress, it’s important to care for yourself. Making space for relaxation is key for avoiding burnout and preserving your motivation. Knowing this, schedule short breaks for yoga, meditation, quiet time with a cup of tea – whatever destresses you. Even 15 minutes to decompress can make a big difference.

Don’t Skip Date Nights

It’s also easy to let your relationship with your partner fall to the bottom of the priority list when nursing school and family life get hectic. However, preserving couple time is essential for not just your emotional health, but for ensuring that your relationship doesn’t fall by the wayside. Be sure to schedule regular date nights – even if that just means watching a movie together after the kids are asleep – to nurture and maintain that intimacy.

Get Enough Sleep

Between studying, childcare, and household duties, sleep often suffers when juggling the many responsibilities of nursing school and family life. Still, adequate rest is crucial for a number of reasons, from regulating your stress levels to keeping your mind sharp. Make getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night a priority by setting a regular bedtime. Your mental clarity, mood, and ability to manage stress will improve dramatically.

Accept Help from Loved Ones

You can’t be everywhere at once, so don’t try to do it all yourself! If they’re available, let grandparents, your partner, siblings, or other relatives pitch in with childcare and household tasks when possible. Checking your pride at the door and allowing others to lend a hand will greatly reduce the strain of juggling it all.

Use Calendars & Reminders

Lastly, staying on top of assignments, tests, child pick-ups/drop-offs, and other family commitments calls for next-level organization as a nursing student and parent. Use your phone calendar and reminder alerts to your advantage to stay organized, so you never miss a beat. Checking your schedule each morning will also help you prepare and prevent any missed obligations.

Achieve the Balance You Need

Balancing nursing school and family life is a challenging effort, and we understand how difficult it is to juggle so many obligations.

With self-care to keep you happy and healthy, the support of your loved ones, and an organized schedule to track it all, you can achieve this balance with flying colors. The balancing act is tough, but doable – and you have the strength to carry both mantles.

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